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Professional liability insurance

Today there are more lawsuits being filed than ever before.  It is essential that every business secures the proper insurance in the event they are ever sued and subject to a large award.  With the rate of tort lawsuits increasing every year and juries awarding damages in the millions of dollars in seemingly merit-less cases, Professional liability Insurance costs have risen correspondingly.  This increase in rates has pushed many small professional practices such as dentists and family doctors out of business.

In some states such as California, many doctors are being forced to move to other states or simply choose another profession as Insurance in California has risen exponentially the last 10 years.

While current proposed legislation seeks to reduce the amount of frivolous lawsuits filed against businesses and professionals, today’s business climate mandates the purchase of some form of liability protection against lawsuits.  In the event a frivolous lawsuit is filed against a business owner or professional, having coverage can pay for expensive legal fees that otherwise might bankrupt the small business owner and professional workers.  In addition to professionals such as accountants, teachers and doctors; many small independent contractors such as window cleaners cannot get any work unless they carry a sufficient amount of liability coverage.

While there are many liability Insurance services around that promise low rates, be sure to compare several providers first and also make certain there are no hidden sur-charges or even worse balloon payments the kick in after a certain period of time before buying a policy.  Rates can vary greatly for professional liability insurance so getting several quotes is essential to finding the lowest rates.  While you don’t know if you ever will get sued, you can be sure that your Insurance Company you are insured with will protect you from the financial damages these lawsuits can cause. Get a free liability insurance quote today and see how much money you can save with special online discount rates.

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